Ms. Sarah Hesham – Principal of Khalifa City A Branch

My name is Sarah Hesham; Principal at Bright Kids Nursery (KCA Branch).

I am Egyptian. I was born and brought up in UAE.

I’ve Bachelor’s in Arts – English Department as well as a Diploma in Human Resources Management from London University. I am a certified Assessor and an authorized Trainer for Early Years Childhood Education and Human Resources. I have an experience of more than 17 years in the education field. I’ve worked in different education sectors starting from universities and ending up with nurseries which was the age group I enjoyed working with the most.

When I discovered that I had the passion to work with little children, I undertook various EYC specialized courses. I’ve a ten-year experience in teaching children aged 0 to 6 as well as a 7-year experience being a Head of Kindergarten and a Nursery Principal.

My philosophy is very simple; We as educators are ought to meet the individual needs of all children we deal with, focusing on their different learning styles and developing the types of multiple intelligences they belong to. This will help them set their steppingstones towards a bright future which we save no efforts to implement via our daily curricular and extra–curricular approaches with our blossoming buds at our terrific nursery.