Froebel Kindergarten Method for early childhood education.

Bright Kids Nursery goes beyond structured learning and curriculum. We provide our students with the room to grow and discover the world on their own. By employing Froebel’s kindergarten philosophy, children’s education and development is enhanced through practice, play and activity. Students are encouraged to follow their own interests and have the freedom to explore.

As an institution following the Froebel kindergarten method, we make sure that we provide our students with a safe and welcoming environment so they can safely explore their passions and learn more about how the world works. With the guidance of trained teaching staff, students will be able to gain independence and develop as individuals.

Benefits of the Froebel approach to education

A number of leading academic institutions follow the Froebel theory on early childhood education. This teaching and learning approach focuses on self-activity and interaction with nature to boost a child’s natural development. The component of play is introduced to make self-discovery activities fun and engaging.

The advantages of this teaching include:

  • Fostering creativity
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Inspiring students to be independent
  • Developing appreciation in the arts
  • Appreciating nature and the environment
  • Allowing students to apply theory in practical situations

Qualified teachers with in-depth knowledge in Froebel’s philosophy.

We believe that to be able to guide students while in the process of self-discovery, a compassionate and competent educator should always be present. Our team of trained teaching professionals are experienced in the concepts of Froebel learning and how to apply it alongside other teaching methods.

As a recognised Froebel’s international school, our teaching staff are not only trained to provide quality education but to ensure that the students enjoy the learning experience.

Support your child’s individual growth.

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