Listening to children

The natural instinct in children is to explore the world and for that, they ask questions – about everything and anything. We love to answer their innocent queries. The nature of asking can reveal true aspirations which develop likes and dislikes. Grown-ups should take out time to communicate and appreciate a child’s incredible insight and innocence.

Laugh at Jokes

Enjoy and have fun while playing with a child. Laugh at jokes which child understands, something like –a cow goes baa.

Exciting Events

Give an account of the exciting events of the day. It will bring best out of them by learning to have fun.

Tune your frequency

Tune your frequency to the child’s level of understanding. You will have a genuine conversation.

Play Together

Play games together to understand your child without the need for talking. Learn to dance to music.


Introduce your friends and relatives to them like a grown up. Their tiny minds will remember the names.

So, what do you want to talk about? It’s a skill which you need to learn. You will start looking at things from a different perspective. It’s like becoming a child again by understanding little one’s outlook of the world.