First day of Childcare – Five things to do

It is difficult for parents to see their loved ones feel anxious while going to kindergarten. It is also an emotional period due to transition happening in the family. Often times, we worry about the academic side of the schooling. But Bright Kids Nursery emphasizes both on personal as well as academic development. One can consider below aspects while sending loved ones to daycare:


Talk about Bright Kids Nursery with great enthusiasm in front of your kids. Explain new things the kid is going to learn.


Practice self-reliant eating habit where you provide lunch box, spoon etc.


Practice time away from your loved one. See their reactions.

Using Washroom

Again, it’s not that tough. We at Bright Kids Nursery believe in teaching good habits in the most simple and fun way.

Teach your child to ask

It’s very important to teach your child to ask for things. Maybe the requirement is as simple as a pencil but it is crucial to raise the voice.

Bright Kids Nursery is located in Najda, Muroor, and Jesrain.