5 things to look for while choosing nursery

It may seem very easy to choose a nursery for your loved ones but don’t rush into it. You have to do some research and take an informed decision to select an excellent nursery in Abu Dhabi. When you visit childcare, take a glimpse of the surrounding. Check the condition of the furniture and toys which reveals the working standard of the establishment.

Consider below aspects while finalizing the nursery:

Space and Interior

The space and the quality of the interior give the brief idea about the whole preschool standards.

Number of Children

Ask them about the maximum intake limit and current strength. Go by simple thumb rule which states that count should not overcrowd the nursery space nor make it look empty.


Look for kitchen area if they provide food. Needless to say, it should be hygienic.

Fresh Air and Transportation

Look for safe transportation and play area of the nursery

Working hours

Look for flexibility in timings, sometime you may get late due to your work assignments.

We can consider many other parameters while selecting nursery. The most important aspect to consider is the first impression. Select the one where you feel comfortable. There should be enough fresh air and space in the nursery to play and learn for children. Also, interact with the staff, see if they are friendly and confident enough to take care of your loved ones.