Safety Tips for Preschoolers

An exciting time for kids is when they have entered the preschool age. Finding like-aged peers, getting in trouble, taking risks, being careless and not following rules is all part of the new phase. This is also when kids start getting in trouble and their safety is liable to be compromised if even minutely missed or overlooked.

Let’s have a brief look into some of the things we need to be careful about.

What are Safety Tips for Common Dangers?

1. Poison

Every preschooler between the ages of 0-4 is in a prime stage where curiosity rules. Kids want to touch, pick and feel everything they see and their major way to test things out is by putting those in their mouths. This could be dangerous and can cause accidental poisoning.

  1. All medicinal objects must be kept under lock and key and away from the reach.
  2. Care must be taken about not mentioning medicines as ‘candy’ or ‘toffee’.
  3. Any cleaning and washing products must be kept away.
  4. Ensure that emergency poison control contact is within your reach.

2. Burns

It is very easy for little budding fingers to reach something left unattended. Therefore, easy burns are quite possible. To avoid that,

  1. Keep the kids away from the kitchen or ensure complete supervision.
  2. Turn all handles inwards when cooking to increase the distance from wandering fingers.
  3. Ensure that kids are away when you are in the kitchen and cooking.
  4. Items such as lighters, candles, matches, iron and so on must not be left unattended to avoid harm to kids.

3. Falls

Little budding explorers wish to go everywhere they can. This often leads to dangerous falls since they are still unsteady on their feet. Avoiding this can ensure better safety.

  1. Any doors capable of harm such as doorway to the basement or attic must be kept locked.
  2. In the case of in-house stairs, safety gates must be installed on both ends.
  3. All windows must have guards.
  4. Skid-proof pads beneath rugs would ensure fall safety in case of running buds.
  5. Supervise climbing and playing on furniture like sofas, beds, chairs and so on.
  6. Ensure the carriers of kids outdoors have belts to keep them strapped.

4. Choke

Every kid eats and swallows anything he/she can get their hands on. So, how can you prevent them from choking?

  1. Till the age of 4, every child should be kept away from hard foods and items that can cause choking such as berries, corn, grapes, toffees and so on.
  2. Safe foods must be provided such as bananas, well-cooked soft pasta, easy crushable foods like cheerios and so on.
  3. Keeping items like coins, buttons, pins and so on away from kids can avoid choking. The best way to prevent choking is adult supervision.
  4. Ensure that toys are age recommended and in good condition to avoid easy breakage and harm (especially chewable toys).

5. Miscellaneous

There are several other ways your child can be harmed and you need to be vigilant upon it.

  1. A safety seat is mandatory when traveling with your child.
  2. Ensuring the child-proof homes is the best defense.
  3. Keeping an eye on kids near or in water is always best to avoid issues.
  4. Children should be kept clean to avoid easy infections and virus attacks.
  5. Always keep a close eye on kids when outside.

All these precautions are not only to be followed at homes but are also being taken care of at preschools. Bright Kids Nursery is a preschool in Abu Dhabi that focusses on ensuring complete safety for kids.

Enabling Kids to Learn Rules

Parents are always concerned about their kids growing up with dangers around them. They are afraid of leaving their kids along for even a minute. Although that is a good practice, sometimes unavoidable situations lead to unattended kids. So, how is it possible to ensure that they are safe and are in fact able to keep themselves safe? Well of course, by teaching them some basic rules and giving them safety tips.

  1. Teaching kids to listen is very important. If someone calls out ‘stop’ the kids should stop what they are doing and listen to instructions. This is best for kids in case of outdoors, roads, traffic, water, gas stove, tall furniture and near other dangerous items.
  2. Ensure that kids know not to go near roads without permission and not to run across without holding hands of the adults.
  3. Teach your kids to read the hazard symbols and stay away from it. Ensure all kid harm materials like poison, cleaning agents and other items are stored locked and marked hazardous.
  4. Enable clean learning by teaching kids to clean up their toys after playing. This prevents dangerous falls.
  5. Show kids the light buttons and ask them to always use it to travel up or down the stairs, go into another room and enter a hallway.
  6. Ensure that kids ask you permission when reaching for anything in the kitchen. Teaching kids to enter the kitchen only attended is best.

When such rules are inculcated in a child’s mind from a young age, the dangers and harm stay well away. This is something not only to be followed at homes but also in preschools like is done by staff at Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi. These rules are inculcated quicker and deeper if followed everywhere your kids go.

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Bright Kids Nursery

Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi deeply concerned about the safety of preschoolers. Kids are little and innocent explorers. Their curiosity is often dangerous and being well aware of this fact, Bright Kids Nursery has ensured that every room, area and corner is kid-proof. Every toy is age-appropriate, every furniture is safe and short to avoid hard falls, soft floors with mats/carpets for floor playing, an extra precaution in terms of complete staff supervision, inculcating of rules through educators in every step of their learning and so on.

 Bright Kids Nursery believes that if parents are also on board with the same rules followed at school, the child will not be confused about mixed instructions and would find it easy to remember and follow. Therefore, the above safety tips for preschoolers are universal and can be followed everywhere.

This would definitely ensure full safety for children at homes and at preschool.