How To Select Best Play School in Abu Dhabi

Out of the seven Emirates under the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is one of the most suitable places for families due to numerous play schools and nurseries in the area. This has attracted the attention of people apart from the natives, who wish to reside in the areas to make a respectable living. These expatriates are few of the majorities in Abu Dhabi who have found a great way to reestablish their realities through a new experience.

One of the many concerns for expatriates is to find the best play school in Abu Dhabi for their kids. There are numerous nurseries and play schools in and around Abu Dhabi, all of which gear up for a good foundation of the primary education of children. UAE Ministry of Education has a dedicated team of well-qualified staff all of which contribute collectively in regulating the preschools.

But initially, the fight to find the best play school in Abu Dhabi is a long one. How can one make a decision?

Best Play School in Abu Dhabi

Selecting the best play school is difficult but there are some quite common factors that can help parents make the right decision:

  1. Curriculum: Right approach to teaching
  2. Location: Vicinity of the Nursery and distance from home
  3. Facilities: Special aids provided by Nurseries for kids
  4. Staff: Nature, Compassion and understanding of Teachers
  5. Teaching Methodology: Method adapted to enable early learning

The best play school is the one that meets most of these criteria in the best possible way. Let’s first look at what must be the right curriculum in play schools.

Early Years Curriculum

Every parent finds himself/herself in a fix when they have to choose the right curriculum to start education in schools. For the same, sometimes the choice is made based on what is nearest to their child’s home country to engage in familiar territory. In other cases, some might actually give it a long thought about choosing what they feel is exactly right for their child. There are two of the main early year’s curriculums in Abu Dhabi:

1.Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage is a framework that has set standards for the education of kids up to the age of 5. This framework essentially focusses on the personal growth and development of the children along with their welfare. Keeping in mind the necessity for happy, secure, fun and practical learning, EYFS attract parents to enroll for maximum exposure to early life. If your child is attending a preschool in Abu Dhabi, then you may be assured that EYFS may be the framework in execution.


Maria Montessori, an Italian physician as well as a renowned educator inspired by the needs of ‘special kids’, has drafted this curriculum in a way to make it the most apt framework for children up to the age of 6 where classrooms remain mixed. This curriculum focusses primarily on providing limited freedom, dedicated independence and developmental aid to a child’s nature, physical stature, and mental boundaries. Many schools have opted for this framework across UAE.

Some of the schools following these curriculums are few of the best play schools in Abu Dhabi. But some schools follow a hybrid approach by applying EYFS framework over the Montessori setting. That is where maximum benefit of both can be visualized.

There is one such preschool in Abu Dhabi that matches all the selecting criteria as well as following the hybrid curriculum, Bright Kids Nursery

Bright Kids Nursery

A preschool set in the ways of 21st century, Bright Kids Nursery provides the best childcare services for the kids of age up to 4. The nursery was set up on a strong foundation of 3 core values:

  1. Dreams: where kids are taught to open their minds to new possibilities
  2. Innovation: where kids can learn to bring out new ways to do little things
  3. Connection to future: where kids can learn to plan the next step in their play

The learning methodology here focusses on Literacy, World of facts, Mathematics, Arts and Designs. Every single activity performed, every single game played and every problem questioned is done only with the sole motive of making the playtime of kids more entertaining while focusing on the 3 core values. So, kids learn at every step of their games.

Facilities to astound you!

Thinking about what the Nursery offers that is probably different from other preschools? Let’s answer that for you.

  1. Messy Rooms: Allows kids to get messy and hands-on
  2. Noisy Rooms: Enjoy the music and sounds
  3. General Rooms: indoor games, blocks and sitting areas
  4. Quiet Rooms: Reading and resting
  5. Gym and outdoors: To get athletic and jumpy
  6. Fun Room: To enjoy the kitchen, mini market, and theatre

All of this provides children a conducive environment to enjoy their toddler and childhood days doing fun activities with safety and care all around them through a dedicated and loving staff in the premises.

How the little minds work?

When the educators and staff of Bright Kids Nursery can answer the question, only then can they hope to achieve the setup of a strong, safe, reliable and scalable foundation.

From the number of successful years at work and with such a vast outreach through multiple branches across UAE, one would not have any doubts that all that is promised is indeed received.

Where most of the schools focus on individual growth crucial to any preschool kid, a little encouragement on the side can take the kid a long way into building confidence and independence so early in their life. That’s where Bright Kids Nursery has proved its worth.

To Sum up

After a little insight into the early learning life of children in Abu Dhabi, itis quite clear that no matter you are a native of UAE or an expatriate, your children have a bright future ahead of them when they have a strong backbone in the form of best play school in Abu Dhabi.

Your worries are for naught, the staff at Bright Kids Nursery, preschool in Abu Dhabi caters to students with the best possible care and attentiveness. The frameworks here, cover the aspects left out by normally many schools across the globe. Therefore, we can say that play schools are nothing short of ‘the home away from home’.