The Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi Uses Innovative Approaches to Prepare Children for The Future

At Bright Kids Nursery, a 21st-century learning nursery and one of the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi, we believe that early years education should be child-centered, child-led and fun!

Children learn through observation, imagination, and action, and learning through play is widely recognised as essential for young children.

As one of the leading nurseries in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, we provide high-quality education and safe care for children aged 0-4 years by creating opportunities for playful learning in vibrant, stimulating learning environments.

Making maths fun with Numicon!

Hands up if you have fond memories of maths class! If mathematics was not one of your favourite subjects, it may help to know that teaching methods have evolved.

At our Abu Dhabi nurseries and our branches in Al Ain and Sharjah, we use Numicon to make maths fun! A multi-sensory approach with step-by-step activities, Numicon encourages learning through play, developing children’s understanding of maths by making numbers real and tangible.

While emphasising three key aspects of doing mathematics – communicating mathematically, exploring relationships and solving problems in everyday life – Numicon engages children’s strengths with structured apparatus that provides imagery, connections, and enjoyment. 

Children learn to reason, think logically and systematically and apply their understanding in many ways, and teachers are able to observe the children’s thinking processes.

Drama and pretend play help children develop a variety of skills

According to researchers, pretend play is vital to children’s development. While each child is unique, children usually start to engage in ‘simple pretend actions’ – like acting as if they’re talking on a toy telephone – between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

Drama is a very useful tool for educators at Bright Kids Nursery. Structured dramatic play gives young children the opportunity to have fun while they explore multiple roles and perspectives in different imagined situations.

In our drama classes, we keep the children engaged with multi-sensory experiences. Creating exciting worlds with the children’s imaginations, our drama teacher takes them on adventures across the solar system with her trusty sidekick, Ziggy the friendly alien.

This helps to introduce physical and vocal control while developing the children’s understanding of the world. Drama and pretend play also promote the development of the following skills:

Thinking: Pretend play gives children an opportunity to resolve problems and engage in abstract thinking, developing important cognitive skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Imagination: The ability to imagine is a life skill that allows us to solve problems, make plans, invent things and understand other perspectives. By encouraging children to imagine, drama enhances their capacity for cognitive flexibility and creativity.

Social and emotional skills: Playing a role helps child to develop their capacity for empathy. In drama class, children have to interact and communicate with others in order to sustain the pretend play; this encourages them to co-operate and to take and share responsibility. Drama also helps children to develop self-esteem, self-awareness and the ability to handle their emotions.

Language skills: Children’s vocabularies develop very rapidly in preschool, and drama is an opportunity to introduce children to new words. Researchers have observed that children often use higher forms of language during pretend play.

Pretend play involves using objects as symbols; for example, with a little imagination, the space under a table can become a house.

This type of symbolic thinking is also relevant to language because words are symbolic representations of our ideas.

In fact, most children start using their first words and developing an interest in pretend play around the same time –when they’re between 12 and 18 months old.

By engaging in pretend play with others, your child will learn that they can use language to create a story and describe things in their imagination.

Motor skills: Drama class keeps children moving and active, and they learn to move in different ways to imitate an animal or a tree.

Observation skills: Drama encourages children to observe the world around them; if you want to pretend to be an astronaut, it helps to pay attention to how astronauts sound, look and move!

The broad, balanced and highly inspiring curriculum at Bright Kids Nursery is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) approach in a Montessori setting and supported by neuroscience-based learning strategies.

One of the top 10 nurseries in Abu Dhabi, Bright Kids Nursery harnesses the latest in innovative technology through its STREAM experimental learning curriculum.

The Nursery’s age-appropriate Coding @ 2 programme introduces logic and problem-solving at a very young age, and the outdoor environment is designed to build coding logic in the children while they play real games – they learn to code while they skip and sing.

At Bright Kids Nursery, the staff and educators are highly-qualified, passionate, friendly and caring, and they ensure that each child receives support and attention.

We view parents as partners in their child’s learning. Based on the belief that repeated experiences help to strengthen the connections in the brain, resulting in optimal development.

We recommend communicating with young children through meaningful conversations, asking open-ended questions and introducing them to the colourful world of books, songs, rhymes, and poetry to help the development of high-level language and communication skills.

Already emerging as a champion of technology and innovative teaching methods, Bright Kids Nursery – a Superbrand– is expanding fast.

Bright Kids Nursery has seven nurseries in Abu Dhabi in Al Najda, Al Manaseer, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Muroor, Khalifa City A, Al Najda 2 and Mohammed Bin Zayed City, one branch in Al Ain and one in Sharjah. More branches will be opening across the UAE soon.

KBBO Education, a subsidiary of KBBO Group, developed the Bright Kids Nursery brand around the three core pillars of innovation, dreams, and connections to the future.

Children are exposed to a curriculum that promotes the development of innovation, creativity, problem-solving and thinking skills that are transferable and empowering.

KBBO Group is a leading, diversified holding company headquartered in the UAE with operations across the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Committed to excellence, the Group invests in ideas that power tomorrow’s technology across diverse industries including education.