Things You Should Know About Best Montessori Nurseries in Abu Dhabi

What every parent tire over is looking for a nursery in a favourable locality for their little ones. A similar concern is held by most parents in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi in UAE is one of the greatest places consisting of numerous nurseries that follow a variety of curriculums.

Montessori is one of the best curriculums opted by the majority of nurseries in Abu Dhabi. This has enabled shortlisting of the best Montessori Nursery in Abu Dhabi.

Montessori Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

To understand why some of the best Montessori nurseries in Abu Dhabi chose this as their curriculum, a deep study is required. Through this study, a clarification to parents would be provided about what to look for when searching for the best Montessori Nursery in Abu Dhabi. Some of the selection criteria is mentioned below as a deeper insight into the Montessori setting.

1. Montessori Setting

Maria Montessori was a renowned educator and an Italian physician. She developed the Montessori approach to child development after a thorough study on the ‘special needs’ children. This approach primarily emphasizes on providing freedom within a set limit, allowing independence of operation and respect for every child’s unique physical, psychological and social development. This has enabled many corresponding nurseries to count in the list for the top ten Montessori nurseries.

2. Nursey Inclusions

Every nursery that adopts the Montessori curriculum requires a necessary list of inclusions in their classrooms. There is one nursery, Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi that believes in providing a strong base for infant education through Montessori setting with following inclusions.

a. Mixed Ages

No matter the age of the children up to a difference of a few years, sessions of education are needed to be combined. This ensures that kids learn from others who know. This kind of session is not quite unusual in Montessori Nurseries across Abu Dhabi and can be experienced in Bright Kids Nursery.

b.Activity Of Choice

Any activity taken up by the educators for the kids in sessions must consider the decision making and popular choice. What most of the kids decide is the kind of activity an educator would consider. Out of the list of prescribed activities, making the kids take the decision is giving them freedom of choice.

c. Dedicated Work Hours

To ensure that kids are engaged in activities for a lengthy period and to improve their span of attention, the dedicated work sessions must be ideally up to 3 hours at a stretch. This will aid the kids in centring their focus.

d. Discovery Model

Inculcating the ‘discovery’ model in the sessions ensures that students are encouraged to try and find a solution through a given set of material for a more hands-on learning process. Instead of following instructions, the self-exploration process is a much better technique for quick learning, and Bright Kids Nursery’s successful batches is proof of that.

e. Freedom Of Movement

Confining a child to a fixed place in the room is not the best way to ensure the development process. Freedom to move and independence to explore and hence learn is the best way to go about early education. After all, learning from experience goes a long way in life.

f. Trained Montessori Educator

Along with the necessary inclusions, it is necessary that a trained educator in a Montessori setting is employed, which is quite evident from the staff qualifications at Bright Kids Nursery. This ensures that the right foundation for child understanding and psychology in the curriculum setting enables the security of a child’s education.

These listed inclusions will ensure the best Montessori nursery in Abu Dhabi is recognized for the convenience of the parents.

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3. Framework Premises

The Montessori framework is based on a few set premises:

a. Respect For Child

Every child needs to learn on his/her own. Giving them that freedom instead of forcing the knowledge upon them is a better way to ensure proper development. This will ensure that kids become independent learners, learn choice selection and work through a hands-on approach.

b. Absorption Of Minds

Every child learns and absorbs specific things throughout their lives. Something done with excitement and curiosity leaves a memorable mark. Allowing kids to learn and explore at their own pace ensures stronger absorption.

c. Sensitive Moments

Some moments are truly sensitive for kids where they require certain kinds of knowledge. Only one of the leading Montessori nurseries in Abu Dhabi equipped with the right faculty can recognize the early signs of the sensitivity and react accordingly.

d. Ready Surroundings

Ensuring that classrooms contain every possible object that enables a different kind of learning is the right way to approach the independent learning of a child. No matter where the kids turn, there should be some object or material inculcating a lesson.

e. Self-Education

The best way to teach kids is to let them learn on their own. They can do that with the help of ready surroundings, given the power of choice making and multi-age groups. After all, children learn best from each other.

All these make up the learning inclusions and provisions within the Montessori curriculum. One such play school meets all the requirements of the Montessori curriculum as well as being the overall best-reviewed nursery, Bright Kids Nursery.

Leading Montessori Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Bright Kids nursery is one of the leading Montessori Nurseries in Abu Dhabi. Though it is seen that sometimes when the two most compatible curriculums are combined, the effect is fantastic. Hence why Bright Kids Nursery has clubbed Montessori with the EYFS curriculum. Though the foundation of Montessori is set, the operations are mostly EYFS based. Since a foundation must be strong enough to hold the weight of overhead operations, Bright Kids Nursery ensured that it is EYFS working on the foundation of Montessori for the best output to kids.

With highly trained Montessori staff, exceptionally planned classrooms, pre-set list of activities to choose from and internal process of self-learning, Bright Kids Nursery have proved its worth to be in the top ten Montessori Nurseries.


Every nursery is started based on a belief so strong that once the foundation is set, growth is inevitable. But there are some nurseries that look beyond the physical growth and focus on not only the psychological processing but also the procedure behind it. Such an in-depth study of strategies to ensure maximum potential display in children in their early years is what makes a nursery exceptional. Bright kids Nursery has proved that it is indeed the best Montessori nursery in Abu Dhabi.