Best British EYFS Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a variety of amazing play schools or nurseries for little ones. Different nurseries have different ways of teaching kids. Though what each nursery follows is a set curriculum out of a number of pre-defined curriculums by the government. One of the most popular curriculums is British EYFS. Not only that, following this curriculum, we have a number of play schools which aim towards being the Best British EYFS Nursery in Abu Dhabi.

British EYFS Nurseries In Abu Dhabi

To understand how and why some of the best EYFS nurseries in Abu Dhabi chose this curriculum, a deep insight is necessitated.

1. EYFS Application

Early Years Foundation Stage is curriculum is followed only in England. Hence it is referred to as the British EYFS curriculum in EYFS nurseries. It is applicable in preschools, childminders, nurseries and reception classes of top-rated British Nurseries.

2. Learning Areas

Best British EYFS nurseries in UAE all believe in learning through games and play. There are seven key areas of EYFScurriculum that are rigorously followed as a learning process in leading British nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

a. Communication And Language

The focus is on various aspects such as listening properly, paying attention to instructions, providing a correct response to actions, understanding the situations and actions performed and eventually speaking the right thing to express and at just the right time to give a reaction.

b. Physical Development

Enabling steady co-ordination in handling and moving of items, ensuring easy management of space in moving areas, maneuvering through items on the way, handing working tools in the right way, understanding physical sports and their fun aspects, managing personal hygiene and understanding physical health.

c. Personal, Social And Emotional Development

The building self-confidence through participation in new activities, enabling self-awareness through understanding own preferences, managing feelings, and behavior through open talks about what is right and wrong and when to react in what way, making relationships through team playing and sharing.

d. Literacy

Every child is in one of the many eyfs nurseries to ensure that by the age of 4, he/she is capable of reading and writing simple sentences, decoding phonics and reading out loud, understanding what they are hearing, writing words based on phonics, writing correct spellings of regular and some irregular words that are phonetically sound, and so on.

e. Mathematics

A child passing through the best British nursery in Abu Dhabi would be able to count up to 20 at least without a pause, ensure their correct ordering, adding and subtracting simple one digits, counting backwards, understanding concepts of size, weight, positions, time, money, capacity, comparisons and so on.

f. Understanding The World

Children crossing over to the primary have a strong foundation from the best British nursery in Abu Dhabi, enabling understanding and discussion on people, relations and communities, world and objects around them, technology they use at homes and in schools, environments and effects, animals and birds, families and friends and so on.

g. Expressive Arts And Design

Enabling singing, dancing, making music, tunes, sounds, designs, colors, patterns, textures etc. to experiment and alter to suit their needs. Additionally, ensuring role-plays, acting, feelings, thoughts and idea-sharing for creative results is a necessary provision of leading EYFS nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

3. Health Assessment

All British nurseries in Abu Dhabi have a provision where health and assessment educators access the performance of kids between the years 2 to 3 to ensure that nurseries are playing their part in curriculum execution aptly.

4. Exemption Provision

Parents are at full leisure to explore the on-goings in the EYFS curriculum. If at any point something does not seem to fit the requirements and parents feel the need to avoid the respective learning or assessment from the child’s personal curriculum, the request for exemption can be applied for. This way, parents are given freedom to contribute towards the best process for child’s growth.

All these make up the core learning process and provision within the EYFS curriculum. One such play school meets all the requirements of the EYFS curriculum as well as being the overall best-reviewed preschool, Bright Kids Nursery.

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Leading British Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Bright Kids nursery is one of the leading EYFS nurseries in Abu Dhabi. The nursery believes that every child has a unique mind and hence, needs a stimulating environment to capture the best and take it up to another level.

Also, they believe that every kid has their own way of grasping and learning including different rates of development and nothing should be driven with force.

Teaching a child requires patience and a keen outlook to access a child’s reaction to new things. This will not only enable clear understanding of the child’s true intellect but also the preferences to ensure a better learning process.

Bright Kids Nursery has a highly qualified staff that ensures special attention to every child. This is important not only for observation and learning but also for security and safety.

Through the EYFS curriculum, nursery ensures that no child is left behind and every new learning is grasped through games, sports and play time while being hands-on in the field.

This all has enabled Bright Kids Nursery to become the Leading EYFS Nursery in Abu Dhabi.

To Sum Up

Sometimes, it is not only about how the nursery looks from outside and inside, and what facilities will the kids get. It is also about how the learning is supposed to be carried out and what the processes to be followed are.

That makes for a necessary decision when selecting the leading British nursery in Abu Dhabi. Through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, it is ensured that if the nursery is following this then it is one of the candidates in being the best EYFS nursery in Abu Dhabi.

Through a thorough research and child psychology, this curriculum has been drafted to ensure the overall growth and development of a child’s mind and body at the very crucial growing stage of their lives. Bright Kids Nursery has proven the effectiveness of the EYFS curriculum out of the many EYFS nurseries in Abu Dhabi.