Best Play school in Abu Dhabi City

All our classrooms are standardized the Bright Kids way and are divided into four exciting quadrants.

Our classrooms are exciting, fun and challenging and enable children to learn, play & develop.

  1. Messy Area – for food preparation, art & clay work and activities, plus our own investigative science area
  2. Quiet Area – the calm and peace of the area encourages reading, listening to stories, to play around with manipulatives, drama and theatre, mathematics and IT
  3. Noisy Area – is the fun and exciting area for dramatics, music & movement and free play
  4. General Area – for construction and building blocks, learning games, and the parent area

At Bright Kids, we develop each child holistically and celebrate kids playing together.  

Gym for soft play and physical play.

The infant room of wonder and peace, all precautions are taken for physical comfort, emotional security, beginning socialization, learning, and development.

Our fun pretend area with a theatre, mini market, a tree house, fun kitchen and pretend play and loads of imaginative activities and play.

The Magic carpet- FunTronic – an interactive floor digital carpet.

We are very fortunate in having a large and exciting outdoor play area. This is a secure and friendly place for fun and learning. It is a challenging environment which enables children to play spontaneously. The sand area, school bus for a fun ride, wet play, and floor activities add to the fun of learning.