Premier baby day care service and nursery in Abu Dhabi.

A child’s early education is crucial to their formative years. This is why you need to find a day care centre which will develop your little one’s love for learning and equip them with the necessary skills for later life.

Bright Kids Nursery is an established academic institution in Abu Dhabi that offers a reliable baby day care service and primary education for parents and students. Who are looking for a Montessori nursery that will foster holistic growth and development? Our goal is to help each child reach their own true potential through a nurturing environment, balanced curriculum, and proven teaching methods.

Proven curriculum from one of the best day care centres in Abu Dhabi.

Kids show a natural interest in the world around them and Montessori techniques nurture this inquisitive nature. Here at Bright Kids Nursery, our day care centres provide a safe and stimulating environment that enables students to confidently explore their environment.

As one of the best Montessori schools, we place great emphasis on creativity and playtime to develop our students’ passion for innovation. Combined with our stimulating programmes and age-appropriate curriculum, we help increase your child’s aptitude during the six critical stages of early development. Whether you have an inquisitive infant, a determined toddler, or a passionate pre-schooler, we can help you reach their developmental milestones through our enrichment programmes and classes.

Passionate and caring staff from a trusted Abu Dhabi day care service.

Our unrelenting focus on raising standards for our nursery education and day care starts with getting the right people. Our team is composed of licensed teaching professionals that have years of experience in child care and early education. They collaborate with parents to understand the distinct learning needs of each and every child and provide sound advice that helps kids excel in school.

But more than their skills, their commitment to providing quality education and care is what makes them more than qualified to be part of our teaching staff.

Put your child on the path to success.

Browse through our site to find out more about our curriculum and organisation’s philosophy. Or get in touch to learn more about our programmes and classes by calling our Admission’s Hotline at +971 566 877 977.