Safety & Prevention

Safety and Prevention Methods followed in Bright Kids Nursery, Abu Dhabi

We consider the safety of the children as our top most priority. Our nursery in Abu Dhabi has created safe and secured environment for the children to play and have fun. It includes custom made furniture and installing safety equipment. All the branches of nursery in Abu Dhabi follow same set of standards to create harmless schooling.

We believe security and protection for the children is one of the most important goals of our nursery in Abu Dhabi. We have set standards on the following:


Furniture play important role in any nursery. We have sourced custom furniture for our nursery in Abu Dhabi which has below characteristics:

  • Comfortable furniture suitable for children’s ages in terms of size and durability.
  • Does not contain sharp corners.
  • Designed to fit the ages of children so that they can be used easily without help.


Building interior is also custom created so that parents feel safe and happy while leaving their loved one to our nursery in Abu Dhabi.

  • Wooden networks had been installed to ensure the safety of children while going up and down the stairs with gates at every entrance

Safety Equipment

  • We take due care to prevent any safety issues but we have not taken the preparation lightly for our nursery in Abu Dhabi. A fire and smoke alarm are available in case of fire.

Reach us for safe and secure present and future for your kid.