Meet the Team

Rania Elhomsany – Principal

Hello, my name is Rania Elhomsany

I came from Egypt with 10 years of experience with children. I also worked in other nurseries in UAE and also Summit International school. I have Bachelor of Education in English and I have done English courses from British Council.

I know that a teacher is a collaborative, supportive environment to assist children to understand and demonstrate learning outcomes as identified by the curriculum.

I’m very passionate about teaching and I love working with children. I believe it is an amazing experience to teach and learn from each other. I feel great and pride when children understand new concepts and are curious, enthusiastic to learn. I always contribute to a safe welcoming learning environment.

Ibironke Onabajo - Class Teacher, Happy Hippos Class

Hello, my name is Ibironke Onabajo and I am the teacher in class 3-4yrs.
I came from Nigeria where I was born and educated. I have years of experience with children right from Nigeria and also here at Gems Winchester School in UAE.

I joined Bright Kids Nursery recently and I am positive that it is going to be a dynamic and fulfilling experience.

I love reading, dancing and meeting people.

I am looking forward to working closely with you for the best interest of the children and progress of the school.

Mary Samula–English Teacher, Teddy Bears Class

Hello, my name is Miss Mary Samula and I’m a teacher in Teddy Bears(3-4) Class.

I come from Kenya where I was born and educated with Diploma in Sociology from Kenyatta University; I am also qualified Montessori Teacher and trained in Early Years.

I have worked with young children in the UAE as well as in my country for over 11 years (3 years in my country and 8 years in the UAE) I enjoy being with children very much. This is my Third year working with Bright Kids Nursery, and I pride to be one of the team members.

My Hobbies includes Reading, Swimming, Socializing and Travelling.

I’m looking forward to working closely with you and I will do my utmost best to ensure that I provide your child with the best Social, educational and developmental environment possible for them to settle into these early learning stages.

Amal Mohamed Ibrahim - Class Teacher

My name is Amal Mohamed Ibrahim, I’m the class teacher for 1-2 years old children.

I was born and brought up in Cairo, Egypt. I studied at High Institute of Social Service in Cairo as I was always driven to help others and to improve their lives. After graduation, I worked  as a social counselor at a number of academic institutes in Cairo including Alameddine  and Al Amal Private Schools. I gained valuable experience working with elementary and middle school children, often acting as a link between home and school.

I worked with the children, their parents and teachers to solve issues such as hyperactivity, shyness, attention deficit, learning difficulties and aggressiveness.

Later, I moved to Abu Dhabi and continued my career working with children at Salah Ed Din Private School and Bedayati Nursery.

During my free time, I love to spend time with my three daughters. I also enjoy swimming, tennis, reading and baking.

Lina Seliman – Class Teacher, Lovely Lady Bugs class

Hello, my name is Lina Seliman and I’m the teacher in class 1 month-12 months. I came from Lebanon where I was born and educated. I have years of experience with babies right from Lebanon and also here in other nurseries in UAE.

I love babies, I always consider me as their mother. I like to feed them, play with them and sing songs for them. They are my wonderful world. They are my lovely babies.

Khuzama Daoudieh – Class Teacher, Smart Ducks class

Hello .. My name is Khuzama I'm from Jordan. I have completed my bachelor degree there in Jordan, after that i have decided to start my career with the most interested field that i love which is ((teaching)) specially the kids part .

I have worked in my home city as a teacher for the age 3 and 4 and now I'm enjoying my work with the lovely team in the bright kids nursery.

I enjoy reading, making cakes and sweets, discover all the new things and i love to learn more and more .

I believe that the kids are the happiness of the life, their smile is the super simple key for us to work, get power and be happy . I'm looking forward to working closely with you and your lovely children.

Marina Retnaraj - Class Teacher, Busy Bees Class (2-3 years)

My name is Marina Retnaraj, I am the teacher of Busy Bees Class 2-3 years old. I’m from the Philippines, I am a CACHE qualified (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (England accredited). I have earned an Early Years Foundation Stage training. I also hold a current Pediatric first aid certificate.

I have six years experience working in preschool environments with children age two-to- four in U.A.E. I have experience in both Modern Montessori program as well as Early Years Foundation Stage. I have developed strong skills in creating fun and interactive learning activities and materials, observing and reporting on child development and conduct, and developing solid rapport with children, families and staff.

My focus will be to provide a nurturing and challenging environment for your child, which will allow them to reach the required Academic goals and have a positive outlook towards the future.

Bassma Abdel Khalek-Class Teacher

Hello everybody, my name is Ms. Bassma, am from Lebanon,working as teacher in Bright Kids Nursery, age 2.5 to 3 years old.

I graduated from Beirut Arab University and I got a Master certificate from La Sagesse University in Beirut.I started working in Abu Dhabi as a KG teacher in Australian International Academy, and then I moved to Bright Kids Nursery in September 2013.

Early years teachers develop the social and communication skills of children and provide a safe and secure environment in which the child can learn. I am trying to build and maintain relationships with parents to further support pupils to ensure the correct support is available.

As a preschool teacher I am introducing concepts that my students will explore further in kindergarten, depending on their needs and the subject matter. I am organizing activities so children can learn about the world and develop their talents.

I am glad to work with your children from different ethnicity and religion; and to teach them how to respect people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Walaa Abd El Moneim – Principal

Hello, my name is Walaa Abd El Moneim and I’m Egyptian. I have a teaching experience of 5 years where I have been teaching different age groups from primary students to nursery children. I love children and I have 3 grown up children. I am confident that our exceptional team will succeed in guiding your children through this journey of learning and discovery. I’m really looking forward to working with you closely.

Adela Kralova – English Teacher, Marshmallow Class

Hello, my name is Adela Kralova and I´m a teacher in Marshmallow class.
I come from Czech Republic where I was born and educated with a Master's Degree in Sciences and Education from the University of Olomouc. I have years of experience with children since I was 16 years old and have worked in my home city as an educator with children and teens.

On my first year here in Abu Dhabi and in Bright Kids Nursery as well, I am positive that it is going to be a dynamic and fulfilling experience.

I enjoy reading, swimming in the ocean and discovering other countries and their cultures. I love winter sports mostly snowboarding.

I’m looking forward to working closely with you for the best interest of the children.

Honey – Class Teacher

Hi! My name is Ms. Honey and I am a class teacher for Age group 3-4 years old. I am a certified teacher by the Early Years Educational Services to teach children from 0-5 years of age.

I have lived in U.A.E for many years. In fact, I grew up in this marvellous country and have the upmost respect for its people and culture. I have also lived in St. Louis, Missouri in U.S.A for a total of 5 years where I received my bachelor's degree. This experience has broadened my horizons and has allowed for me to understand different cultures.

I enjoy working with children as it has become my passion over the years and I have been teaching for the past several years. I have come to discover that with every passing day I teach the children something new, they return the favor and teach me on a daily basis as well since every child has a unique personality traits and they all add something new to the learning setting.

I enjoy a number of activities that include but are not limited to: reading, writing, cooking and tennis!

I like to think of challenges as opportunities and I have learned to embrace these challenges and stay true to my profession.

Bahar Yetim – Class Teacher

My name is Bahar Sucu Yetim, from Turkey. I finished my BS Degree in Education at Marmara University and I am currently teaching small children from ages 2 years to 3 years old.

I enjoyed working and being with children. It made me realized that teaching is not just a mere profession but a source of constant joy to me.

I believe that having a strong early years foundation will enable your child to have a rigid first step in a bigger environment just like in a school.

I am looking forward to work with your children in the future.

Asia Ali - Principal

I am Ms.Asia Ali Alomary, I am the Principal of Bright Kids Nursery Bain Al Jesrain Branch.

Each child has his own private entry and we in Bright Kids strive to recognize those keys to be able to enter their world. To teach them what builds their character and make them future lead