Bright Kids Nursery in Jesrain

Bright Kids Nursery has its second branch in Bain Al Jesrain, Abu Dhabi. Our nursery in Al Jesrain along with other branches in Abu Dhabi follows Froebel and Modern Montessori Curriculum.

Our nursery in Abu Dhabi creates atmosphere of learning through activities, craft, stories and academics integrated into theme. We prepare children to think, create, imagine, design, and to collaborate well with others.

Looking for nursery in Bain Al Jesrain, Abu Dhabi?

Our key role is to provide an outstanding experience that will ensure that your child is able to start full time school as a confident, curious and independent learner. Facilitating security and protection is primary goal for our nursery in Bain Al Jesrain, Abu Dhabi along with other branches (Al Najda, Al Muroor and Al Manaseer).

Other Info

Near BMW Motors and Oasis Car Wash,
Behind Al Jazira Institute of Technology,
Bain Al Jesrain,
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

02 575 7920

02 441 1951

Location Map

Location Map