Nursery Calendar 2014 -2015

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Fall Term
7th September – 18th December
Sunday 7th September First Day of Children
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 5th-7th October *Eid Al Adha
To be announced by Ministry *Hijira New Year
Tuesday/Wednesday 2nd-3rd December *National Day
Winter Camp
December 21st – 31st December
Sunday 21st December First Day of Winter Camp
Wednesday 31st December Last Day of Winter Camp
Winter Term
5th January– 26th March
Monday 5th January First Day of Term II
Thursday 26th March Last Day of Term II
Spring Camp
29th March – 9th April
Sunday 29th March First Day of Spring Camp
Thursday 9th April Last Day of Spring Camp
Spring Term
12th April – 25th June
Sunday 12th April First Day of Term III
To be announced by Ministry *Israa wal Mijaj
Thursday 25th June Last Day of Term IIIj
Summer Camp
28th June – 13th August

* Dates are subject to alteration and all National holidays are subject to confirmation by the Ministry of Social Affairs.