Vision and Mission

Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi has aligned itself to the standards of world class childcare. Our mission is to create friendly atmosphere so that children feels excited to learn new things. Our vision of identifying and exploring uniqueness in children has helped us to become one of the leading nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

Our Mission

To create a child friendly atmosphere that is safe, secure and enjoyable for the children in order to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To promote individuality in providing the highest level of child care across the Emirates through active and efficient environment that is suitable for your child. Our team believes that distinctiveness and success are attained with parent’s involvement and open communication between staff to create a premium standard of education.

Looking for Nursery in Abu Dhabi?

Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi is one of the few institutions where beautiful nursery environment coupled with mission of safe and security standards makes us desirable establishment. We try hard to teach children through fun games.

We help children learn good habits through good example. A bright kid Nursery, Abu Dhabi is dedicated to shape successful future for your kid while identifying individuality. Our nursery is present in three locations (Muroor, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Najda and Al Manaseer) in Abu Dhabi. You can reach the near one for bright kids. Click here