About Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Bright Kids Nursery is a leading nursery in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates who provides the best childcare services for the age group 0-4 years. The nursery has four branches in Abu Dhabi which includes Muroor, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Najda and Al Manaseer Branch.

We aim to provide a remarkable experience to ensure that your child is able to start full time school as a confident, curious and independent learner and experience to that you as a parent will feel welcomed, valued and respected as a true partner in your child’s learning.

We apply Froebel and Modern Montessori Curriculum (Early Childhood Education) which is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for the child’s natural psychological development. All the bright kids’ branches of nursery in Abu Dhabi follow same set of standards and framework.

Our Goals

  • Develop the mental, social and cognitive skills of the child as well as coordination.
  • Cultivate child’s personality and skills development.
  • Fostering child’s behavior to cope with the Arab and Islamic identity according to the Modern educational foundation.
  • Provide a strong syllabus which covers the benchmarks in child development.

We Specialize in

  • Assisting the child to acquire the sense of affinity to the family, school and outside world.
  • Formulating a better and positive self-understanding in children.
  • Developing sense of responsibility and independence in children within the scope of living in a cooperative society.
  • Acquiring positive trends towards the child’s environment and preserve it.
  • Fostering child’s behaviour according to the modern educational foundation.
    Providing strong syllabus which covers the benchmarks in child development.

Bright kids Nursery is unique in Abu Dhabi

We encourage matchless principles where children feel safe as learning is stimulated in fun manner. Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi is one of the few institutions where beautiful nursery environment is created so that it feels like second home for your children.

We believe children learn what they see. We help children learn good behaviors through good example. A bright kid Nursery, Abu Dhabi is dedicated to carve the way of successful future for your kid while identifying unique likings and quality. Our nursery is present in three locations (Muroor, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Najda and Al Manaseer) in Abu Dhabi. You can reach the near one for bright kids. Click here